Love is what matters!


Woke up early this morning and as usual the little N too woke up with me.. Quickly finished her early morning routine feeding then brushing and rushed to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. As it’s a Saturday K(Mr. Husband) is still in sleep mode. I close the door so he doesn’t gets disturbed. I get busy with the breakfast preparation. While little N is busy emptying the kitchen cabinets I try to finish cooking.. N whoa! M done !ย K is still sleeping….Phew!!

I start feeding little N and as soon as she takes the first bite she runs away.I get her back. Give her the second bite and again she tries and escapes. I do the same again. The third time she succeeds and runs way calling Nana (the father/Mr.Husband), may be to rescue her๐Ÿ™„

She gets into the bedroom and runs towards K. And as he is in deep sleep she gets a chance to play with his spectacles ( the only way for him to see the world).And she has broken it already (By the way she loves to play with anything but her toys ๐Ÿ˜). K is up and gets furious and sad at the same time. His only pair of spectacles is now broken. He calls me to come and see what happened. I was not so surprised by the act. I was already a little irritated and blurted out something out of anger. K gets even more furious and shouts back at me.

I quietly walk away to the kitchen to get him breakfast…doing some thinking at the same time. Why did I shout? Why did I lose my temper? May be it’s our fault that we didn’t keep an eye on her. Lil N is too small to understand the importance of anything . She doesn’t understand anything other than love.

All this while she stands quietly watching both of us … May be expecting one of us to pick her up n hold her tight… She knew something went wrong. K quickly cools himself down and picks her up, Hugging her tight. Comes to me and we do a family hugging. It’s a daily ritual๐Ÿ˜Š

And now lil N happily finishes her breakfast and gets busy with playing, leaving both of us to have our breakfast.

My point is – Anger doesn’t make things better. It in fact worsens things further.

Moral- Keep your important stuffs at a safe place if you have a toddler ๐Ÿ˜‰(So you don’t regret later)

Second thoughts – Let them be the way they are. Love them lavishly. ๐Ÿ™‚


Life goes on….


Life is like a bicycle, it keeps moving till you stop pedaling. Well,that’s how it should be or it is meant to be.

At every stage of life we keep struggling for something. Sometimes we achieve and sometimes we don’t.

But life goes on….

Once a baby is born, the struggle starts.

It tries to turn. It is difficult for him but that doesn’t stop him from trying.

Then there comes the struggle to sit. He keeps falling but the effort doesn’t slow down.

The struggle to crawl, walk, run, jump, eat, goes on and on..

He is unstoppable.

Once we grow, we have lot more to struggle with.

But life goes on….

We pass, we fail. Sometimes there is no one to tell.

We make friends, we lose friends.

We love, we hate.

We trust, we doubt.

But life goes on…

Sometimes we fall sick, we battle with it and come out of it.

We struggle to achieve something.

Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we learn.

That’s how life is and it goes on….

Sometimes there is love, sometimes there is pain. But what is love without a little pain.

Sometimes we are loved the most, sometimes we are left heartbroken.

But life goes on….

We fall, we riseย 

And stand tall.

Even after the darkest of nights there is always a bright sunny day.

Life is beautiful and it goes on…

Today I feel the urge to write and here flows the words out of me.ย 


just like that!!


I love to write…..but few days back when i was sitting by the window suddenly a thought came to my mind, “do i really love to write?” if so then why did it take me so long to start a blog? ย so finally i m starting. Life has always been great to me with such lovely people around me…. but sometimes i feel i should do something that makes me feel happy or gives me some self satisfaction. I am someone for whom family has always been the first priority.I have spent most of my life with my family but now after marriage I have another family but I have some time for myself too. So now I am doing something that makes me happy ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

I am a person who is not very outgoing but do love to interact with people from different backgrounds. This is my first blog and i would love people to post their comments and about how to start off….